Mars Hill Realty Group is not your traditional real estate brokerage.  I want to revolutionize the industry by providing our  real estate agents the skills and expertise to accomplish 3 simple things:

1.  Build a Business

monkeyThe challenge isn’t learning how to write contracts, open doors for buyers or sticking a sign in the yard. Any monkey with a license can do that. The real challenge is creating a relational-based business model that can one day be sellable. I will help you to create a personalized business plan, set goals and provide accountability so that you can succeed.

  • Relational-based business – Avoid the transactional-based business model that most traditional brokerages teach. Your real business is building relationships and creating top of mind awareness for your services to clients that love you.
  • Sellable business – Develop the necessary tools and strategy so that one day you can sell your business or play a very limited role in it.

2.  Develop a Sales Force

No matter how good your plan is, you can’t get very far without a team to help.the-a-team

  • Learn how to develop a free sales force of 5 – 30 working professionals in multiple industries who will systematically bring business to you.
  • Create strategic alliances to co-brand with other businesses, offer exclusive offers to your clients and access your professional network’s “inner circle” of top clients.

3. Create Highly Differentiated Value

Let’s face it, whether it’s real estate agents or real estate brokerages, there isn’t too much differentiation in the industry.  We believe that a business that does not provide value that is highly relevant and differentiated will eventually fail. At Mars Hill Realty, we practice what we preach. We are the only brokerage in Austin that provides foundational training and support for four key skills that we require every agent to master:

  • Social Networking – This is more than just marketing. Being visible and transparent attracts people who you WANT to do business with rather then chasing prospects who don’t know, like and trust you.
  • Negotiation Expertise – Receive training from a broker who is a Master Certified Negotiation Expert, only eight real estate agents in Austin have received this designation. Learn how to create win-win collaborative results and bring value to the negotiation table.
  • Predictive Analysis – The results speak for themselves: Over the past 7 years, we’ve managed to sell our homes in under 50 days at 98.3% of list price. During that same time period, the average Georgetown agent sold their home at close to 95.7% of list price and took twice as long (approximately 115 days). The difference in our sales price to list price ratio almost covers our commission!
  • Effective Marketing – Don’t be fooled by the myriad of marketing companies that say, “All you need is one closed deal to pay for this.” Don’t invest in marketing, unless you know it works. We’ll help you weed through the noise and focus your resources and budget on what gets results for your clients and for yourself.

Now go ahead and forward this blog to every Austin real estate agent you know who is ready for a revolution!

We are currently looking to add new agents who want to serve the following markets:
Georgetown Texas real estate, Round Rock Texas real estate, Cedar Park real estate, Leander real estate, Pflugerville real estate, and the surrounding Greater Austin Texas real estate markets. Read more here!


Breaking the Mold of Traditional Real Estate Brokerages