Demolition week is complete!

Wayne put the finishing touches on the bathroom floor which was a mix of concrete, tile, glue and laminate. What a nasty mess that was! The picture you see below isn’t because of the dirty lens, it’s all of the debris that the flash is reflecting off of!

Floor Scrapping

All the floors are now concrete and ready for the micro-top and staining. Also, I took down most of the lights that needed to be down. Really, the only thing left is the big kitchen island that the business I am renting to, Purfect Pets, wants to use.

Good thing Brett dropped by again as I was taking down the lights, he probably prevented me from getting electrocuted a couple times.

I had to break the momentum of the work I was doing because I had a lunch appointment with a client. Looks like a busy weekend is ahead of me and I’m glad I was able to get it all done and had plenty of friends pitching in at just the right times.

Check out the video below for the day’s recap:


Next week the process of beautification begins! The electrician and plumber are coming on Monday to do some prep work and HVAC will be getting some small upgrades on Tuesday. Stay tuned on this blog by clicking on the orange RSS button on the bottom left corner and be the first to get updates!

Floor Scrapping Kitchen Renovation office renovation
Day 5: Finishing Up – 1627 Williams Drive: Future Home of Mars Hill Realty Group
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