We aren’t just a holding company for real estate agents, we’re looking for somebody who will align with our philosophy.

Mars Hill Realty Group is founded upon the ideals of honesty and integrity. We desire to be transparent with our knowledge of the marketplace and revolutionize the way the public views real estate agents. If that sounds like something you can agree with, we invite you to take a closer look at our company.

Doesn’t sound like your typical “big name” brokerage? Good, we like it that way. Whether you’re new or experienced, if you’re looking to join a revolutionary real estate brokerage with a reputation for results, contact Edward Lui at 571-267-8639 and let’s talk!



We will help you become a better agent by strengthening core, customer-centric competencies that are critical for success in today’s marketplace. I will provide the environment, personal mentorship and guidance to help you master these skills and ultimately enable you to attract more business, sell homes quicker and be a better advocate at the negotiation table.

We can show you how to prepare and present your listings so that you can sell your listings three times quicker then the average real estate agent. Improving your market and marketing knowledge will save both you and your client time and money.

We can show you how to attract more business from people who want to do business with you through social networking platforms, so that you reduce the time you spend “selling yourself” to a lead, and more time building a long-term relationship based on trust.

We will help you develop a negotiation strategy for every contract, so that you can produce better results for your clients and build a winsome reputation among your peers.

You will be able to associate yourself with a progressive real estate company that has a reputation for leveraging technology, marketing and negotiation expertise for their clients and conducts business at the highest level of integrity and honesty. I will personally guarantee that your professional reputation will benefit by being a part of a small, high-end brokerage where the quality of work and character are closely monitored and the standards are kept high.