social-networking-logos3Finding a real estate agent with a high-level of skill is just part of the challenge.  The other part is making sure you enjoy working with him or her!  The real estate agent with the most listings, isn’t necessarily the one that is the most personable.  On the other hand, neither is the agent who has the best marketing and the biggest ads.  Often times, you don’t know ANYTHING about the agent that you’ve called, until you’ve started working with them!  By then, you might feel it’s too late to back out of the relationship and you’re “stuck” with another lousy experience.

But don’t commit to ANY real estate agent without reading this first!

We want to be the first to let down our guard and show the public that real estate agents can be genuine and trustworthy. This is the only real estate company in Austin that requires all of our agents to let down our guard, even before you meet them.  We do this through social networking.  You will be able to find any of our agents on either a personal blog, Facebook, Youtube or any other type of social network available. This is a progressive way to market our properties and our real estate expertise to the public. Most importantly, it is a starting point where we can begin to earn your trust and get to know us on a personal level.

Wondering where to start?  Check out the OUR AGENTS tab and follow us on Facebook or read our blog to find out more!  We find that our clients like and know us before they even meet us for the first time!  In the end, we work more with the people that can relate to us, and less with the people who can’t.  We call it our version of natural selection.

Read about the four core competencies that we believe make an agent revolutionary: