skyIt’s 5AM and I can’t sleep.

I’m lying awake in bed thinking about a piece of furniture I had delivered for the office. The floors weren’t complete so it had to go to the back patio…which is covered, but leaks a little. Outside, the rain is pouring down and I’m wondering how wet this $500 piece of furniture is.

Almost 3 months after demolition, the building is still not complete. I expected to be completely finished by May 1st! My brokerage is having an open house for select agents just five days from now, on May 20th, and I was just notified last week that the materials for sealing the floors will be delayed until Monday night. Which means nobody and nothing can be on the floors until Wednesday, the day before the event! I had an “emergency meeting” with my contractors on Friday and was scrambling to just get as much done as possible.

As I lay awake in my bed, I had to remind myself that my expectations will not always line up with reality. God is in control and knows everything from beginning to the end (Rev. 22:13). Ultimately, how I respond to unmet expectations reveal my true character and what I really value. This was a literal wake-up call for me and I had to re-align myself with the fact that this is just a building. A building that may be a little dirtier and incomplete than I had hoped…but at least it has electricity (and hopefully plumbing!) by May 20th.

I sometimes joke about how I need to go through the homebuying/selling process, moving process, or remodeling process every so often (which I do!) just so that I can empathize with my clients better. I realize that buyers and sellers have expectations too. There is so much time, money and emotion that goes into buying and selling a home that when expectations aren’t met, it’s easy to get upset or disappointed at everyone and everything. But let me remind you through this blog because if I do it in person you may not like me very much:

It’s just a home.

That may be pretty career-ending for most real estate agents to say. But don’t miss the point. Life is more than just about the home you buy. Whether it’s a $30,000 mobile home or a $1 million mansion, we all have expectations and they will go unmet. Ultimately, it’s not about the home, but how you respond to those unmet expectations in life. God has a unique way of getting our attention, hoping we will take a closer look at what is really important in our lives.

At around 6am, I drove over to the building to check the furniture on the patio. Dry. Whew, thanks God. Speaking of what’s important in life….now I can drop by Shipley’s Donuts and pick up some Kolaches for my wife and kids that I love so much.

– Your Favorite HOMEboy

Unmet Expectations
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